Leeds Table Tennis League

Information related to the fixtures, teams and standings of Leeds Table Tennis League competitions.

Leeds Winter League 2017/18

The Leeds League Winter competition takes place between teams in the Leeds League over the autumn and winter months of September-April.

Fixtures, Schedules and Divisions

Divisions20 Sep 2017PDF
Fixture Chart20 Sep 2017PDF
Schedule of Matches09 Mar 2018PDF

Please note the schedule is only a guide to matches involving Pudsey teams. Please contact your team captain if you have any problems with regard to the schedule.

Tables and Results

Current results and team standings.

Pudsey TTC Teams

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Team Player Home Night/Venue
Pudsey A Richard Smith (C) Thursday, Pudsey Bowling Club
Phil Cawser
Bryan Birkbeck
Pudsey B Lee Orange (C) Wednesday, Pudsey Bowling Club
Andy Gradwell
Chris Newsome
M Lowe
Team Player Home Night/Venue
Pudsey C Richard Ball (C) Tuesday, Pudsey Bowling Club
Alex Waring
John Grieve
Linda Sanderson
Team Player Home Night/Venue
Pudsey D Sandra Rider (C) Tuesday, Pudsey Bowling Club
Katherine Lefevre
Granville Thornton
Samantha Parker
Steve Smith
Team Player Home Night/Venue
Pudsey E Peter Thompson (C) Thursday, Pudsey Bowling Club
Zhenyi Li
Catherine Balshaw
Josh Divinagracia
Richard Laws
Team Player Home Night/Venue
Pudsey F John Priestley (C) Wednesday, Pudsey Bowling Club
Neal Roddy
Steve Parker
Carol Judson
Rob Lester
Pudsey G Lynne Thompson (C) Monday, Pudsey Bowling Club
Paul Dykes
Kingsley Smith
A Dodd
Paul Scurrah
Team Player Home Night/Venue
Pudsey H Emma Orange (C) Thursday, Pudsey Bowling Club
Elliot Orange
Reuben Orange
Maurice Wrigley
Max Grahame
Team Player Home Night/Venue
Pudsey I E McClements (C) Tuesday, Pudsey Bowling Club
Phil O'Hara
Roy Thornton
Alex Staniforth
Bradley Landau
Pudsey J S Dawson (C) Thursday, Pudsey Bowling Club
Steve Maclean
Tim Chapman
Edward Chapman
Shishir Shastry
Stanley Alderson
  • (C) indicates Captain, (NPC) indicates Non-Playing Captain
  • Home Nights
    Team G
    Team C & D home together, alternate with I
    Team B & F alternating
    Team A & J home together, alternate with E & H together