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Information related to the fixtures, teams and standings of Table Tennis England competitions.

Senior British League 2019/20

The Senior British League competition takes place between teams from across the country over the autumn and winter months of September-April.

Fixtures, Schedules and Divisions

Fixtures - TBC


  • Saturday / Sunday, 07/08 September 2019 - Ormesby TTC
  • Saturday / Sunday, 30 November 2019/01 December 2019 - Ormesby TTC
  • Sunday, 15 February 2020 - Ormesby TTC
  • Saturday / Sunday, 04/05 April 2020 - Ormesby TTC

Senior British League 2019/20 venues may be subject to change.

Pudsey TTC Teams

Team Player Home Night/Venue
Pudsey TTC Richard Smith
Phil Cawser
Bryan Birkbeck
Adam Ridley
Les Baker
Liam Linley
Zhenyi Li
  • (C) indicates Captain, (NPC) indicates Non-Playing Captain