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Pudsey New Year Review, January 2020

A quick summary of where Pudsey Table Tennis Club is for the start of the New Year 2020.

The club has ten teams in Leeds, three in Bradford and one team in each of the national cadet and junior leagues. We have also one team competing in the Senior British league.

We have organised coaching and practice sessions between 8pm and 10pm on Mondays at Pudsey Leisure Centre where members are welcome to develop their skills and it has provided the opportunity for prospective new members to come along and see what the club is about. The club has also been involved with the leisure centre in establishing an open session on Sundays between 11am and 12pm for both social and competitive play. New members are being introduced from this session and are graduating into Monday's training sessions, but we still need more support on Monday nights.

This year the club will be 50 years old and we'll be celebrating with a dinner on the 27th June at the Cornmill Lodge Hotel. Many of you have been with the club for a while and will have friends who no longer play but still remember their time fondly at Bramley Ebenezer and latterly at Pudsey TTC. Please try and get them to come along. Please initially contact Lynne Thompson or Emma Orange for help and advice in this matter. We are very lucky to still have founder member Granville Thornton with the club, so let’s make it a night to remember!!

Leeds Review

  • Div 1: 'A team' doing well and currently third.
  • Div 2:  With re-organisation of teams it's a mixed bag here with the 'B team' going well and the 'C team' struggling due to injuries and availabilities.
  • Div 3: 'D team', having been promoted last year, started well but seem to have faded in the last few weeks.
  • Div 4: 'F team' currently top of the league. Some impressive wins for the team and especially cadet Alex Staniforth, who is going really well in the averages. 'E team' in mid table but hit with injuries and availabilities. Overall, a good position.
  • Div 5: 'G team', having gained promotion last year, are going well and occupy 3rd spot in the league. Part of the Pudsey philosophy, this team blends the potential of youth with experience. 'H team', hit by a major injury and loss of captain Sam Barker, are battling hard near the foot of the league. New junior Ethan Yewdall is doing well in his first season and with the experience of Carol Judson team results should pick up in the new year.
  • Div 7 : 'I team' currently top the division, again with a mixture of youth and inexperienced players. Top performances coming from junior girl Ellie Clay winning 19 from 21 games played. 'J team' with late season alterations and injuries in a mid-table position.

Bradford Review

The loss of a few players from last season saw a major rearrangement of teams and it is felt that the divisions they have been put in were possibly a bit high. Also there were discussions on the selection committee wondering if we had over-stretched ourselves by putting out 3 teams, and with clashed matches and injuries it has been a struggle to get teams out. The selection panel will need to look at the commitment of players and the number of players to run three teams next season.

  • Div 2: No problems here for the 'A team' as they are currently top led by the experience of Les Baker. The 'B team' are finding this division very tough and currently are bottom of the league though Chris Newsome has taken a few noticeable scalps!!
  • Div 3: Here again it really looks like 'C team' are in the wrong division, though Paul Aldcroft, new to the Bradford league, is going well.

Senior British League Review

The team is going reasonably well in National C Division and with the right team out over the last two weekends could possibly finish 3rd.

National Cadet League Review

After two weeks in a very strong cadet league in the top division our youngsters are finding it tough going but keep battling away and have showed signs of improvement.

National Junior League Review

This is the first team for a lot of years that we have run a team in the junior league and for all four players it is their first time in a junior league. In a division of 6 we are currently 5th but our juniors have shown excellent promise which bodes well for future seasons. All are still juniors next year.

Please Support Your Teams

This season so far has seen us hit with more than our fair share of injuries, so can I ask that all players try and help support the club by being fully committed to support both your team and any team you are asked to play up for in the New Year.

Peter Thompson
+44 7774 740091

Posted 04 Jan 2020, 12:47

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